I’m so glad you found us! This is the blog-home for Minivan Nation. Our community is forming in many ways — some of us found each other years ago, and others are making new bonds every day through sharing the road, an evening around a campfire, a boondocking campground, or the waiting room at the local tire repair shop.

Minivan Nation is here to help us be more connected. Be sure to see the Minivanifesto! (Don’t worry, it is very brief. It’s mini, after all.)

Oh! And you don’t need a minivan to be part of Minivan Nation. All you need is a genuine interest in how people are moving around the country, having a *slightly* different life than people who have a driveway they pull into each evening. Know what I mean? We’ll explain the hows and the whys and answer a lot of questions. (Like “What is that burning smell when I go down hill?” For example.)

Stay in touch. We’re going to be meeting each other soon.

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