Vibrate Beyond It

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Do what, you say? “Vibrate Beyond It” is one of Suzanna’s techniques for future planning. Most of us have used tools such as visualization, intention setting, goal setting, and affirmations. When we vibrate beyond it, we are taking a moment to experience what it really feels like to have achieved a goal, transitioned into a new place, space, job, relationship or other dream, and actually planning the sensory experience we see for our future.

Why vibration? Why not just continue visualization? Here’s the deal. Visualizing a result is very well known for being a power tool. Most popularly recognized as a tool for elite athletes, we have plenty of science backing up the usefulness of “seeing” an experience. In some cases, visualizing is as productive as the actual practice of a sport. We can all use this tool.

Over my past four decades of practicing visualization and writing about it, many people have mentioned that they simply don’t understand how to visualize. The thing is, not everyone is visual. Vibrating is both a short cut and an enhancement on the path to experiencing the thing desired.

Paying attention to the whole-body sensory experience can be seen as tending the vibration. That’s where we’re going with this tool.

But why “Beyond”? The second aspect that makes this exercise uniquely useful is the practice of placing yourself past the goal. There’s a subtle message that goes on inside, especially when we are making bigger life changes. The message is: Don’t. Don’t take me into unfamiliar territory. Don’t make me uncomfortable. It’s uncertain. I can’t see who I am going to be when this is complete.

This message is primal. Our brains are wired for familiarity. (Ruts. Habits. Addictions.)

Most people who are using visualization are working on a change in life. Something different. A faster mile. A better relationship. A new community. A more meaningful existence. We do seek change, but our basic wiring fights it.

Vibrating beyond the goal is a way to slip past the doorkeeper. It’s like putting a jug of water out on the trail ahead, so when you get there, you’ve already got support waiting for you.

Vibrating beyond it also takes up some of your working brain space, which helps edge out the fears of the unfamiliar and the fight to keep the status quo.

Vibrating beyond it is a way to step deliberately into the next phase, complete with the feelings, the sensations and the facial expression that we hope for. Vibrating beyond it puts a stamp on the future. It’s an investment that costs very little and can pay off surprisingly well.

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